• Scuba tanks are set up and ready for the next dive.

Extend Your Limits

Maximise your time spent underwater...


Diving on Enriched Air Nitrox is perfect for divers who want to maximise their bottom time. We enrich a regular tank of air with a higher percentage of oxygen (usually 28-34%), resulting in your body absorbing less nitrogen during the dive. This smaller amount of nitrogen allows for longer no decompression limits and thusly, more time underwater. There have also been studies that have proven that diving on Nitrox can make you feel less tired after a full day of diving!

Diving Course Program

Students learn about considerations when diving with enriched air.


Compared to diving with air, EaNx carries a few additional risks due to the higher oxygen content. The course will cover basic theory that will teach you how to analyse the oxygen content, anticipate the risk involved with oxygen, and plan your dives accordingly. Your Instructor will go over knowledge review with you to ensure that you fully understand all material before you take a 50 question, multiple choice test.

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