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Been a While Since Your Last Dive?

Refresh your scuba skills with a quick lesson before you get back in the water...


If you haven't been diving for a year+ or your logbook only shows a couple of dives, then it's time to brush up on your diving skills. Our experienced dive professionals will help to refresh your memory of relevant theory and commonly used diving skills. Together we will look at how to set up your gear again, talk about body air spaces, decompression sickness and safe dive procedures. Starting off with a plunge in the swimming pool, find your muscle memory and become comfortable once again with some previously learned diving skills. The whole experience takes about 1-2 hours, after which you will find yourself far more relaxed and conservative with your air supply on your subsequent fun dive. A Scuba Review is an excellent way to get you back in the water safely, giving you the knowledge and confidence to enjoy your diving holiday.

Diving Course Program

Review equipment and proper buddy check procedures.


Together, you and your instructor will practice setting up your gear as well as discuss the physics of diving, body air spaces, out-of-air emergency procedures and typical dive procedures.

Review skills in the pool to prepare for the open water dive.

Pool Practice

Many divers find that scuba diving is much like riding a bike - once back underwater, most students begin to remember the skills they learned from their previous experiences and courses. Your instructor will help remind you how to clear your mask and regulator, out-of-air emergency procedures, buoyancy tricks and the proper way to swim as a diver.

Enjoy your dive with more confidence and improved air consumption.

Back in the Ocean

Your refresher course includes one dive to an easier site. A lengthy briefing by your instructor will let you know exactly what to expect and cover anything you may not have discussed in the theory or pool session. Swim with turtles, explore the reefs and try to remember why you took such a long break from diving in the first place!

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