• Oriental sweetlips swim past divers in Indonesia's premiere diving destination, the Gilis.

Challenge Yourself

Learn how to prevent problems and manage emergencies...


Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to become a professional diver or do you just like a real challenge? Then the PADI Rescue Course is for you. Touted by many as the most important and rewarding step in your diving education, this course will dramatically transform your skills, your perspective, and awareness of yourself and others while diving. Building upon solid skills, we will prepare you to prevent problems and, if necessary, manage dive emergencies. The curriculum includes studying theory, practising rescue techniques, mock scenarios in our training pool and a full rescue scenario day. While it is extremely serious and challenging, allow for lots of laughter in between focused learning. By the end of this course, you will have improved not only your diving skills but also your awareness about divers safety. We all hope you will never have to put your rescue skills to use, but this intense training can help you save lives if such a situation arises.

Diving Course Program

Students review the rescue course theory.


As this course introduces you to multiple scenarios that relate to human physiology, this course contains theory lessons chock-full of useful information. You will learn how to maintain first aid for diving and aquatic life injuries, enact emergency procedures and accurately record and report accidents. You'll be required to read the PADI Rescue Diver Manual and complete the subsequent knowledge reviews. Your instructor will go over these lessons with you to ensure you understand all aspects and are fully prepared for the multiple choice exam. A required DVD will introduce you to the upcoming skills that will first be practised in the pool.

Students learn how to calm panicked divers in the pool.

Pool Practice

It's ideal to practice your skills to perfection in the swimming pool, as there are no waves or currents or bad visibility influencing your training. You'll practice until you feel entirely comfortable with:
- self-rescue - distress /panic recognition - rescue approaches - assist and transportation of distressed or panicked divers - in-water rescue breaths - emergency procedures

During the rescue course, you will have to complete a search and rescue of a missing/unconscious diver.

Out in the Ocean

You will repeat all the exercises learned in the pool out in the open ocean with variable conditions. After thoroughly comfortable with your new skills, your instructor will create a rescue scenario where you will be tested on your ability to handle a mock emergency. Your instructor will evaluate and certify based on your consideration and use of rescue equipment, the effectiveness of rescue entries and exits and your successful search and rescue of a missing/unconscious diver.

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