• Gili's turquoise waters make the perfect place to try diving

Try Something New

Just to see if you like it... We're pretty sure you will.


Do you want to know what the fuss is all about? Are you short on time? Then a "try dive" is the option for you. It is an exciting, relaxed and safe introduction to scuba diving, carefully supervised by a PADI Instructor. Starting off in our diving pool, we will teach core competencies and review the safety aspects of diving before you enjoy a dive to 12 metres! Discover Scuba Diving allows you to explore a whole new world and feel the "weightlessness" of flying underwater for the first time- we have no doubt you'll be hooked. Disclaimer – scuba diving is addictive and Blue Marlin Air cannot take responsibility for those try-divers find their newest addiction!

Diving Course Program

Your instructor will go over basic theory and introduce you to diving equipment.


Before getting into the water, your instructor will teach you the basic safety guidelines and basic skills needed to dive. Topics include:
- Introduction to Scuba Equipment
- Learning how to Equalise
- Underwater Etiquette
- What to Expect

Practice the basic skills you will need on your dive in the pool first.

Pool Practice

Find out what it's like to breathe underwater and learn essential skills that you'll use during every scuba dive. You will learn:
- How to comfortably breathe underwater
- How to clear a regulator
- How to clear a mask
- Proper swimming technique underwater

Dive up to 12 metres under the direction of a PADI professional.

Ready to go Diving!

You and your instructor will head out to the open ocean! Explore the Gilis' reefs and marine life up to 12 metres and try not to get too hooked! It is possible to do additional dives under the supervision of an instructor or you can ask your instructor about earning your Open Water Certification. Your Discover Scuba Diving experience can count towards your Open Water Course.

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