• The waters around the Gilis are crystal clear and teeming with an abundance of marine life and corals.

Diving in the Gilis

Your underwater playground...

The Gili Islands: Where Two Oceans Meet

We love diving in the Gilis and we're not the only ones! As one of Indonesia's top diving destinations, we are lucky enough to dive in the Coral Triangle, meaning we enjoy the largest variety of marine life on the planet. The Gilis are situated in the Lombok Strait, at the exact point where the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, in the north, and colder waters of the Indian Ocean, in the south, meet. What this means is that each day large amounts of nutrients flow through the area, back and forth, carried in by the ocean currents. This phenomenon referred to as the "Indonesian Throughflow", brings life and food to the environment creating extreme biodiversity in fish, coral and creatures. You can easily spot turtles, reef sharks, morays, sting rays, octopus and macro critters. Whale sharks and mantas are not unheard of too, but you need to be lucky and keep your eyes peeled to spot these majestic ocean giants.

Visibility & Temperature

Visibility in the Gilis ranges from 10 to 35 metres, depending on the time of the year. While the visibility is not dependent on the season itself, the weeks where the seasons are changing bring a change of water patterns, resulting in more nutrients and lower visibility. Temperature is dependent on the season, but waters are generally quite warm, averaging about 28-29 degrees Celsius.

Dive Sites

There are over 24 dive sites to choose from, including sloping reefs, walls, bio rocks and multiple wrecks. From Gili Air's location, most of the sites are a mere 10-20 minutes away by boat. Sometimes we decide to explore a little further out than normal, quickly speeding over to Lombok, for some world-class muck diving. Speak to our team to find out which sites suit your preferences the most!

Marine Life

Turtles, turtles, turtles! If you are like most underwater fanatics and can't get enough of swimming with turtles, then Gili diving is for you. We frequently sight two species in the water, green and hawksbill. You'll also commonly see the entire cast of Finding Nemo: stingrays, nudibranchs, moray eels, lionfish, octopus, lots crab and shrimp species, and much more.

Special Finds

Many divers who visit the Gilis are lucky enough to see our local reef sharks – typically white and black tips. As the Gili reefs lie near some very deep areas, those with great karma credit may also be greeted by the majestic manta ray or wondrous whale shark. Great macro finds such as Blue-ringed octopus, frogfish and Pygmy seahorses may also be waiting to greet you underwater!

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